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iWriteMusic for iPad
iWriteMusic for iPad by iWriteMusicProject
$9.99 ea. (1-19 units) $4.99 ea. (20+ units)

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iWriteMusic for iPad
iWriteMusic for iPad by iWriteMusicProject
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iWriteMusic for iPad

By iWriteMusicProject


Music Notation is easy and fun when you use iWriteMusic!
Have you ever been frustrated by Music Notation Apps because
“They are too complicated to learn?" or ​“It takes forever to finish writing?” ​We've been challenging to resolve those issues since we started making iWriteMusic in 2010.

Check out 7 reasons to choose iWriteMusic.

1. You can understand this app almost instantly!
Because of Truly Intuitive and Extremely Simple user interface, you barely need to read pages of manuals nor watching numbers of instruction videos. You just have a few things to learn to be able to use this app pretty well.

2.Double your productivity with our Highly Efficient Input System.
If you’re already familiar with notation apps and looking for faster & more efficient entry system, try our innovative One-Flick Entry System along with Traditional Entry System to get your job done in no time!

What is Traditional Entry System?
- The choices will appear with ToolBox.
- Select a value and the location separately.
- Recommended to those who are not yet familiar with any music notation apps.

What is OneFlick Entry System?
- The choices will appear when you touch the screen.
- Select a location and the value at once.
- The selection will change as you slide your finger to left/right.
- Recommended to those who are familiar with music notation apps and looking for faster and more efficient entry system.

3. Creates beautiful sheet music
- absolutely professional quality!
- rich options for page layout adjustment
- easy parts creation
- easy score/parts management
- direct print-out via AirPrint

4. Supports most of major notation elements
- multi-track writing
- multi-voice writing
- percussion/drums notation
- chord symbols and lyrics
- multi-bar rest
- time change
- key change
- clef change
- tempo change
- grace note
- articulations and dynamics marks
- easy song transpose
- partial transpose
and many more!

5. Useful playback options for practice
- mixer with solo, mute and voice select
- loop and swing options

6. Data & sheet music sharing
- exports/Imports iWriteMusic data file
- exports PDF or JPG
- exports Standard MIDI

7. Extremely Compact Size (15 MB)
You can save your device storage space
for photos and other apps.

Version 3.0 supports:
- Slide Over (on capable iPads only)
- Split View (on capable iPads only)
- adaption to bigger screen
- redesigned navigation
- built-in keyboard + One Flick entry
- customizable favorite tools
- improved One Flick entry
- improved score/parts management
- improved page layout settings
- x/16 time signature
- 64th note/rest
- more mixed triplets

- The response of playbacks and drawing may vary and may be limited depends on the device capability, numbers of tracks and the apps running in background.

What's New in Version 3.0.16

Improvement on memorizing last selected Note/Rest type while editing

iPad Screenshots

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Customer Reviews

Tried this and love it!

I was using Touch Notation and it has been good, not great. However, that app hasn’t been updated in over a year and has many problems (crashes, impossible to connect slurs across pages, can’t add sfz w/o app crashing). So I buy this app and at first get confused about the inputting of notes, rests, etc. After inputting one song though, this app appears pretty easy to use and more importantly, stable. Very satisfied!

A really good music notation app

I am using this app with a stylus, and find it to be a very good alternative to most of what is available on the app store. Here are my thoughts:
-note input can begin to verge on being tedious, since the touch screen is very sensitive. There is a straightforward "solution", provided in app—you can hold the "cursor" down on exactly which line of the stave you wish the note to land on. However, this is not the quickest process. I've been trying to use Symphony Pro, and Notion (both of which had a disappointing "price to quality and ease of use" ratio), however, neither of them is as straightforward as this app. For one, they both have a very similar interface, and some of the more practical options—like deleting measures, or even determining the length of the piece from the outset—are either hidden deep in menus (which I could not readily find), or do not exist.
-The app has been recently updated, which is not something that can be said of the more "professional" looking apps. This particular app has many features that are not immediately obvious, and is actually quite a powerful app itself—the user interface is a bit misleadingly simple at first glance, and while awkward to adjust to, is actually terribly straightforward. Despite feeling a bit clunky at times, you can, I feel, be sure that the app will ultimately do exactly what you want it to. Whether its current limitations are part and parcel of the touch screen method of input, or if there is room for improvement is something I am ignorant of. One feature that is quite nice about Symphony Pro, is that there is a built in "how to"/help menu—however, as I noted in my review of that app, there is an option within that sub menu to send feature requests, or report bugs, however, selecting either option actually causes the app itself to crash—also it has not been updated in well over a year, so I wouldn't bother with it unless you want to get frustrated.
-The biggest feature I feel is missing is QWERTY input support, which is actually quite thoroughly integrated into Symphony Pro. The app, despite its many flaws, has a feel of being more close to a computer based application, like Musescore, for example. If you have a bluetooth keyboard, you can quickly and easily switch between rest and note input, triplet feel, note value, etc. Though implementing this in iWriteMusic would entail a major overhaul of the user interface, I feel this option would compensate for some of the moments when the stylus-touch screen combo is a bit difficult for getting the exact note on the first try. I have often had to sit and try to get the eraser to actually affect a certain note for a minute or so, which is something that is a bit annoying, though not to the point where I find my patience running thin. This same shortcoming extends, as I have already implied, to other features as well. If there was the option for "hotkey" shortcuts—such as undo, etc., as are available in Symphony Pro, for example—then switching back and forth between touch and keyboard input could become a fluid, far more intuitive process.
Overall, the best option for composing on an ipad. The only main feature which I have found to be problematic—and perhaps this is merely a user error—is that the in-app playback function seems to not be working. But, as I am simply relying on this, at least for now, for the sake of doing homework for my music theory class, this is not so great a drawback for me personally.

This is the most valuable app I own

This app just keeps getting better and better. I’ve used it for over 5 years now and it is far and away the most productive and useful app on my iPad. The developers are very responsive and helpful to questions and clearly understand music theory and what is needed in transcribing music. Virtually every conceivable musical notation is covered. Thanks for all the work you put into iWriteMusic.

iWriteMusic for iPad
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  • $9.99 ea. (1-19 units)
    $4.99 ea. (20+ units)
  • Category: Music
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  • Version: 3.0.16
  • Size: 16.5 MB
  • Language: English
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Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.


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